Our Approach

Since 1988, our firm has been dedicated to producing fine architecture that enhances the lifestyles of our clients and their communities. We have completed hundreds of projects, from new and remodeled single-family homes, mixed-use and small commercial projects to fraternity houses and manufacturing facilities. Over time, single-family residential and neighborhood mixed-use projects have become our specialty. Our remodel and renovation work is known for seamlessly integrating new with old.

"The architect is the quarterback of the design team. It is my role as the lead professional
to work with the owner and then to direct the design process to a successful outcome."
- Fred Baxter

Our experience, training, and vision guide our clients skillfully through the entire design and construction process, from initial concepts, to the selection finishes, colors and lighting, to the completion of construction. We begin by developing a "big picture" concept that responds to the constraints of the site and your functional, aesthetic, and financial goals. In the next phase, we flesh out supporting details to create total environments, both interior and exterior. We sort through the maze of complicated codes and regulations, and coordinate necessary consultants, such as geotechnical, civil and structural engineers, and interior designers to provide a coordinated design process.

We navigate the permit process and assist in finding the right contractor for each project, helping to establish a fair construction price and agreement. During construction, we will work with you and the contractor to ensure that the design intent is understood and effectively executed. We see our construction drawings and specifications as the basis for a continuing cooperative relationship between owner, architect and contractor during construction.

During construction, we work with the owner and contractor to ensure that the design intent is understood and effectively executed.

Our services are a wise investment, not an extra cost. We help you get the most for your construction dollar. A well conceived project can be built more efficiently and economically. We work through ideas on paper where they are easier to change than after construction is underway. Good design sells; a well-designed project will have a higher resale value.

Originally founded in the basement of Fred Baxter's home in the Magnolia district of Seattle in 1988, the firm's office was moved in 1990 to old town Mukilteo. Over the next 10 years, Fred established the firm in that location adjacent to the Mukilteo Coffee Company (Whidbey's Coffee) until the firm's current mixed-use complex was built at 5th and Lincoln, just 2 blocks from the Baxter family home.